In a luxuriant countryside, Marie, doubts her love for her partner as Noée mourns her father. In a suffocating city, Eva tries to anchor herself while Jeanne plans to leave. Moved by a significant encounter, they will seek meaning in their way of inhabiting the world. The Splendor of Life is a sensual invitation to live life the fullest.


Director and writer: Marianne Métivier
Starring: Camille Rutherford, Victor Trelles Turgeon, Garance Marillier, Émile Schneider, Amaryllis Tremblay
Production : Geneviève Gosselin-G.
Distribution: H264 Distribution
Cinematography: Ariel Méthot
Set design: Alex Hercules Desjardins

Festivals & Awards


  • Finalist at the Netflix Pitch FNC 2021
  • Tiff Filmmaker Lab 2021
  • Rencontres de coproduction francophone de 2021 en Belgique
  • Torino Feature Lab 2023

The Director

Marianne Métivier

Marianne Métivier is a Filipino writer and director from Montreal. After completing a few short films, she graduated in 2016 in Film production at L’École des médias of University of Quebec in Montreal. Her short film She Who Wears the Rain (2019) was selected at the Berlinale Shorts Competition in 2020. She is currently developing her first documentary Back Home for which she received a development grant at the Talent Lab of the Montreal International Documentary Festival in 2020. She is also working on her first fiction feature A Splendour of Life that was selected at the TIFF Filmmaker Lab in 2021, where she received the TIFF Worb Filmmaker Fellowship. Her work mainly explores the sense of belonging to places and our relationship to the intangible.