Hired in a pig slaughterhouse through a social reintegration program, an ex-convict desperately tries to find another job while repressing his inner violence.

The Director

Pier-Philippe Chevigny

Pier-Philippe Chevigny is a filmmaker from Montreal, Quebec. His fiction films combine anxiety-inducing mise-en-scene with contemporary social themes. In 2013, his first short film Tala received international attention, selected at over 40 festivals in addition to being acquired by ARTE. His next film, Vétérane, was part of the Quebec delegation to Clermont-Ferrand and Namur in 2017. Finally, Recrue, made in 2019, is a resounding success: more than 130 festival selections (including Toronto, Busan, Namur, Stockholm, Vladivostok, etc.), 30 awards (including qualification for the Oscar for best short film awarded by the Tirana Festival) and sales to ARTE, HBO Europe, TV5 Unis, CBC, to name a few. Building on this success, Pier-Philippe completed in 2023 Richelieu, a first feature film with an equally impressive track record: Berlinale Co-Production Market 2020, TIFF Filmmaker Lab 2020, Gabriel Figueroa Film Fund @ Los Cabos 2020. Continuing the approach established by his short films, Richelieu is a Canada-France co-production that stars Ariane Castellanos, Marc-André Grondin, Gerardo Miranda, Antonio Ortega, and Marvin Coroy.