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Short film – fiction

Directed by Simon Gionet
Written by Simon Gionet and Kevin Lambert

With the housing crisis in Montreal, Jules takes advantage of the situation to sublet his apartment at twice the price. When his sister Jacqueline discovers mold in her home and has to look for a new apartment, Jules is reluctant to offer her his.


Feature film – fiction

Directed and written by Pier-Philippe Chevigny

Taking advantage of a strike that paralyzes operations at the foundry in their village in the Montérégie region, three teenagers break into the deserted industrial complex to steal the precious construction metals manufactured there. When they come face to face with a security guard, however, the situation turns into a nightmare.


Short film – fiction

Directed and written by Alexa-Jeanne Dubé and Fanny Migneault-Lecavalier

In the house belonging to their deceased grandparents, a dormant memory quietly awakens in Andy and Gabrielle, two sisters who unknowingly share a trauma.