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Newly recruited as a French-to-Spanish translator in a factory that employs temporary laborers from Guatemala, a young woman takes a stand against the director to defend the migrant workers from the abuse they suffer.


The team

Director: Pier-Philippe Chevigny
Starring: Ariane Castellanos, Marc-André Grondin, Nelson Coronado, Antonio Ortega, Gerardo Miranda, Luis Oliva, Micheline Bernard, Eve Duranceau and Marvin Coroy
Production : Geneviève Gosselin-G.
Co-production : TS Productions (Miléna Poylo, Gilles Sacuto and Alice Bloch)
Executive Production: Galilé Marion-Gauvin
Associate Production: Jeanne-Marie Poulain
Co-production Bretagne: JPL Films (Jean-François Bigot and Camille Raulo)
Distribution Canada: Funfilms distribution
International Sales: Be For Films
Cinematography: Gabriel Brault-Tardif
Set Design: Yola Van Leeuwenkamp
Wardrobe Department: Kelly-Anne Bonnieux
Editing: Amélie Labrèche
Sound: Philippe Lecoeur, Jérôme Gonthier et Jean-Guy Véran
Music: Félicia Atkinson

Festivals & Awards


  • Berlinale Coproduction Market (Talent Project Market 2020)
  • TIFF Filmmaker Lab 2020
  • Los Cabos International Film Festival –  Gabriel Figueroa Film Fund 2020


  • 6 Canadian Screen Awards nominations: Best motion picture, Best Firts Feature Film, Performance in a Leading Role (Ariane Castellanos), Performance in a Supporting Role (Nelson Coronado), Achievement in Cinematography (Gabriel Brault Tardif), Achievement in casting (Ariane Castellanos, Victor Tremblay-Blouin).
  • Festival du film de Tribeca, 2023 (Première Mondiale)
  • Festival international du Film de Karlovy Vary, 2023 (Première Européenne)
  • Festival international du Film Fantasia, 2023 (Première Nationale)
    *Prix du public Bronze, Best Quebec film
  • Festival Les Percéïdes, 2023
    *Jury’s Grand Prize
  • Cinefest Sudbury, 2023
  • Festival international du Film de Calgary, 2023
    *Best Actress in a Leading role – Ariane Castellanos
  • Festival international du Film de Vancouver, 2023
    *Honorable Mention for Best Emerging Director
  • Festival International du Film Francophone de Namur, 2023
    *Bayard d’Or Best First Feature Film
  • Festival International du Film de Saint Jean de Luz, 2023
    *Best Actress – Ariane Castellanos
    *Audience Award
    *Jury’s Grand Prize
  • Festival international du Film d’Athens, 2023
    *Greek Critics Prize
    *Audience Award
  • Festival international du Film d’Antalya, 2023
  • Festival international du Film Atlantic, 2023
  • Festival international du Film Cinematik, 2023
  • Festival international du Film de Morelia, 2023
  • Festival du cinéma international en Abitibi-Témiscamingue, 2023
  • Festival international du Film d’Icaro, 2023
  • Festival international du Film de Palm Springs, 2023
  • Alexandria Film Festival, Washington, 2023
    *Best Foreign Language Film
  • Rendez-vous Québec Cinéma, 2024
  • Festival Objectif Cinéma, Ottawa, 2024 
    *Citizen Jury Prize
  • Festival international du film francophone en Acadie, 2024
  • Festival Aguacaton de Oro, Guatemala, 2024
  • Milton Film Festival, 2024 
    *Audience Award *Best Movie
  • Reel Canadian Film Festival, 2024
  • Tournai Ramdam Festival, Belgique, 2024
  • Festival du Premier Film d’Annonay, France, 2024 
    *Audience Award *Lycéen Jury’s Prize
  • Vues dans la tête de Pascal Plante, Rivière-du-loup, 2024
  • Festival international du film politique de Carcassonne, 2024
  • Pune International Film Festival, Inde, 2024
  • Available Lights Film Festival, Whitehorse, Yukon, 2024
  • Festival Itinérances d’Alès, France, 2024
  • Quimper Film Festival, France, 2024
  • Festival Chef Op en Lumière, France, 2024
  • Vues du Québec à Florac, France, 2024
  • Traversées de Lunel, France, 2024
  • Rencontres Cinématographiques de Salon-de-Provence, France, 2024
  • Quebecine, Mexico, 2024
  • Pune International Film Festival, Nagpur Edition, India, 2024
  • Off Camera International Film Festival, Poland, 2024
  • Oakville Film Festival, Canada, 2024
  • Rencontres du Sud d’Avignon, France, 2024
  • Festival du film Canadien de Dieppe, 2024
    *Audience Award TV5 Monde
  • Musique & Cinéma, Marseilles, 2024
  • Bengaluru International Film Festival, India, 2024
  • Focus on French Cinema, USA, 2024
  • Job Film Days, Italy, 2024
  • CinÉdison, Lorgues, France, 2024
  • Festival Utopia, Avignon, France, 2024

The Director

Pier-Philippe Chevigny

Pier-Philippe Chevigny  is a filmmaker from Montreal, Quebec. His films combine anxiety-inducing camerawork and suspenseful scripts based on contemporary social issues. In 2019, his short film Rebel was an international success : over 130 festival selections (including TIFF, Busan, Namur, Stockholm, Vladivostok) and 30 awards including the Oscar-Qualifying Golden Owl Award at Tirana. His first feature Richelieu, completed in 2023, is currently enjoying a similar success on the Festival circuit, with prestigious selections at Karlovy Vary, Tribeca, Palm Springs, Fantasia, Vancouver, Athens and Namur where it won the Bayard for Best First Feature. Pier-Philippe has several projects in development at Le Foyer Films, including his follow-up feature.